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Storfjord Hotel – For an immersive stay in the Norwegian forest

Our Ambassador’s Bright Journey

“I’ve been dreaming about Storfjord for a long time. And then I was given the opportunity to turn that dream into a reality in my Bright Journey; and somehow, reality is even better than my dream. The autumn peeping through (even though it’s August); the forest and its intoxicating scent; pine needles, wood, fire crackling; fizzy air that makes the nose tingle; the Ocean there, creeping into the fjord. In the distance you can see glaciers and vast spaces that taste of freedom. One wakes up with light streaming through the curtains. The window ajar to let in the fresh, clean air and the scent of woods. The warm and enveloping comforter, the fireplace burning and the fire warming heart and soul. The pine floors creak with every step. There are a thousand candles everywhere to make the atmosphere romantic and hyggie. One feels like drinking hot chocolate. Of curling up with a woolen blanket and a good book contemplating the landscape and nature. Of giving oneself precious time. Of indulging in a cuddle. Of slowing down. In these traditional, sustainable ‘Hyttes’ with discreet amenities that make for an exclusive stay.”

Where it is located

Nestled in a lush forest, the hotel overlooks the Storfjord and Sunmore Alps, just a few kilometers from the city of Alesund, capital of the Norwegian Fjords. 

Design and mood

A typical Norwegian ‘lafthytte‘ building constructed with materials from the area and the forest that houses the hotel, the roofs are insulated and feature the characteristic garden/lawn of old houses in the area. The mood is hygge! Here Norwegian tradition meets modern, minimal Scandinavian design creating a warm and cozy environment with precious details, local fabrics, ceramics, fireplaces, and candles for a perfect Nordic-style atmosphere. 

Room style

Rooms are located within the property between themMain building and three other Lafthytte-style buildings. Each room is named after a forest animal, and each has its own identity that differentiates it from the others. Some overlook the forest, and some overlook the fjord, and the larger ones have fireplaces and bathtubs with views. The rooms are super-equipped and spacious: the wooden floors and ceilings create a harmonious ambience, an expression of refined hospitality. 

The common areas

In the main building are the reception, the restaurant and various spaces and relaxation areas all featuring large windows overlooking the garden and the fjord. Present is a wonderful and intimate library, a small shop for shopping local crafts, fireplaces, and candles in every corner, and self-service bar area. 


0 km restaurant with open kitchen, greenhouse in the garden, library with reading rooms, a small treatment spa with Finnish sauna and heated whirlpool positioned in the woods for a very exclusive contact with nature. A few minutes’ walk to the Fjord leads to the bay where guests can use kayaks or choose to take private cruises. Partnership with Porshe for electric Taycan rentals available to guests. 

Technology experience

Let’s start with the entrance to the room. The door opens with a classic key, an element this intentional to create a feeling of being at home and not in a hotel. There are motion sensors and automated heating and light management systems with analog push-button displays and keys with lettering to identify the area of the room they refer to.
Smart TV intentionally not present, in the Digital Detox philosophy. 


Much attention paid to sustainability: from immersive experiences in nature to learning about the community and local initiatives, from the presence of columns in the parking lot to recharge electric cars to the three obviously electric Porshe Taycans available to guests, all to encourage sustainable mobility. The chef’s proposal is one of 0-kilometer cuisine. Here only tap water is used, no use of plastics, attention to recycling materials, refill in the bathroom and organic products that complete the concept of sustainable architecture on which the hotel is based. 

Green Points


Eliminated the presence of any form of plastic


Criteria are applied to help reduce environmental impact

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