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VDA Telkonet

VDA Telkonet: hotel automation at the service of energy saving

The VDA Telkonet Group is an Italian multinational company that is one of the largest players in the global hospitality market, with offices in Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, specialising in the development and implementation of integrated Room Management Systems (GRMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies. 

The VDA Telkonet Group is the technology partner of many internationally renowned brands and chains that have made the “guest experience” their strong point: with one million rooms installed in 50 countries, over 60 years of experience and two in-house R&D teams of 40 engineers with hardware and software expertise, the Group demonstrates a deep understanding of the sector in which it operates and is a strategic partner for the global hospitality market. 

VDA Telkonet is a creator of technology and innovation through which it defines the future of its industry. The aim is to provide technological solutions that achieve high standards of energy saving, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint of all customers who rely on VDA Telkonet. 

By offering the right balance between maximizing comfort and saving energy, people’s living environment improves through strategies that optimize the interaction between individuals and the ecosystem in which they interact. 

People are at the center of the VDA Telkonet project, from the guest to the employee, from the community in which it operates to all its customers: efforts such as VDA Telkonet are aimed at guaranteeing a sustainable future and safeguarding the environment in which we live by encouraging energy saving. 

A commitment repaid by a truly unique milestone that the company has reached in this first part of 2023: with one million hotel rooms of different categories installing VDA Telkonet systems, it is estimated that the equivalent of 15 million trees have been saved. 

The Group’s commitment to protecting the environment is now even more concrete: thanks to the collaboration with Treedom, the creation of the Telkonet VDA Forest has begun, with over 1300 trees planted in different areas of the globe, to actively contribute not only to reducing the group’s carbon footprint, but also to making customers even more involved in this challenge, which is now more global than ever. 

The adoption of ethical behavior is also a fundamental value for the Group, which considers regulatory compliance as a minimum standard from which to develop responsible behavior. To this end, the Group has adopted the ‘Code of Ethics’ that guides its operations and promotes a culture based on the principles of fairness, loyalty, and transparency. 

In addition to the principles of sustainability and ethicality, ‘ISO 9001’ certification is added as an international recognition of the quality of the products and services offered, adopting a management system that complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 to improve and streamline processes. 

All VDA and Telkonet products, the majority of which are assembled at the production sites, are verified by internal Quality Control, which establishes their compliance with the regulatory standards. The Group, which is ISO 9001 certified, has adopted precise process and product quality standards that enable it to supply both standard and customized products. Ensuring the quality of the product and service offered is a priority for the Group, which bases its philosophy on the ability to satisfy the customer and adapt to changing market contexts. 

The desire is for the Group and its customers to become increasingly united in the green mission of spreading a culture of responsibility and awareness towards the environment to create a better future for the people of today and tomorrow. 


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