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Sustainability and Technology for Increasingly Green Tourism

Climate change and resource scarcity require us to think about the future. After all, the goal is ambitious: a 55 percent reduction in CO2 emissions is needed by 2030, and carbon neutrality must be achieved by 2050. That is why, at this stage of ecological transition, every individual is asked for the courage to make gestures that can make a difference. 

It is easy to say sustainability. However, what does it really mean to be sustainable? It means creating a development model that ensures that the needs of the present generation are met without compromising the same possibility for future generations.
In short, acting now for a better tomorrow.

IoT Technology to Improve the Quality of Life

At this moment in time, technology can be one of the key tools for minimizing carbon emissions and our impact on the planet.
Technology is coming to us by paving the way for innovation with the intention of becoming more and more sustainable. Because there is no innovation without sustainability! These are two concepts that go hand in hand, imposing mutual challenges and goals that, only with a joint effort, can be achieved. 

Carbon neutrality is also a key goal in the tourism sector. Therefore, the way we travel must necessarily change: in addition to being as less impactful as possible, it must become more conscious and lead us to make responsible travel choices that can reduce global emissions. 

Here then, our choice can make a difference. Such as staying in hotels or other lodging options that have adopted criteria, measures and processes that limit and reduce the environmental impact of their guests and the facility itself. 

Hospitality: Can Technology Really Make a Difference?

Let’s start with one figure out of all: one million rooms equipped with integrated room management systems such as those distributed and developed by VDA have saved the equivalent of 15 million trees. 

An important weight today is given to energy efficiency, which can also be achieved thanks to emerging technology and digital. Just think that a smart hotel that adopts advanced room management systems can achieve energy savings of up to 30 percent per room compared to those that are not efficient, resulting in a major environmental impact outcome. 

This, then, is what opting for sustainable lodging means: understanding that energy saving is not only a form of cost containment but also of protecting – already scarce – resources. 

Sustainability is People Centric!

Sustainability is not synonymous with eco-friendly or green philosophy. Or rather, not only. There is no sustainability without attention to the person and the community. The person is at the center of everything, always. 

The concept of sustainable travel means doing the real good not only of the destination but also of the people who live there. Because staying in a green property located in a region taken by storm by tourists where life for locals has become unmanageable is not sustainability. Neither is choosing a plastic-free eco-resort where staff are exploited.

Bright Journey, for More and More Conscious Travel Tech!

Bright Journey wants to set the ambitious goal of spreading a new perspective: to make the traveler and those in the tourism industry more aware and responsible of their choices. But above all, it wants to make an increasingly strong connection between the guest and the facilities that have understood how technology is a valuable ally for more responsible and careful management. 

So that even a seemingly inconsequential gesture like booking a vacation accommodation can be the result of courageous thinking. 

Bright Journey for a brighter present and future. For the benefit of all humanity. 

The Project

What does it mean to travel green?