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Bright Journey: an all-female project in search of eco-sustainability in the hotel industry

Different stories, different people, different sensitivities: the Bright Journey was born from the desire of a group of female professionals, united by their passion for travel, who felt the need to unite their different skills in a project that is as ambitious as it is topical: recognizing the central role of sustainability in travel. 

The protagonists of the Bright Journey have identified a common denominator, that of the importance of technology and innovation in the hotel industry to achieve important goals in terms of sustainability. 

What does green travel mean? How can technology and innovation become the key elements of our sustainability when travelling? Which technologies make our travel footprint green? 

These questions will be answered by the Bright Journey project, a project that sets itself revolutionary goals: to become a container at the center of the narrative is the theme of all-round sustainability, a core value that drives us to make the right choices today for a better future. 

The team made up of ten women ambassadors will go in search of best cases in the hospitality sector, mapping out destinations and hotels around the world that implement eco-sustainable practices and innovation technology systems that limit the waste of resources. 

With their eyes as attentive and responsible travellers, they will recount and document their personal experiences via the website and their own profiles, with the aim of contributing to the creation of new awareness in the field of travel. 

All this, always bearing in mind that the person is at the center of every action and result. Person understood both as traveller and as the set of figures operating within the entire economic cycle linked to the world of tourism. 

“We do all this with courage, enthusiasm and passion, inclusiveness, other key values that motivate us and that we have in common with our partner VDA Telkonet, a leading multinational company in the hospitality sector, which supports this Bright Journey of ours by fully sharing this vision,” says Lucia Ziliotto, Project Owner. 

“All together,” – continues Barbara Alvino, Project Manager of the Bright Journey- “we want to actively contribute to a more sustainable world and to do this we need to raise the awareness of all parties involved in the world of travel.” 

The Bright Journey therefore wants to be first and foremost a beacon that illuminates and tries to outline the right trajectory to follow to shape a new way of doing tourism. Ergo of travelling. Ergo of hosting. But also, of thinking. 

The goal is for travellers and tourism operators to become increasingly aware of their impact in the world. Because only from awareness comes concrete action. An action that cannot be separated from the global goals of Agenda 2030, which are essential so that the next generations can also enjoy the beauty of this wonderful planet we call home. 

The Bright Journey is a bridge. We could call it a virtuous path of sustainability that connects hotels and accommodation facilities that already adopt green practices to the final consumer, the guest. The Bright Journey thus acts as a meeting point between a wide range of sustainable hotels and new travellers who want to become more responsible. 

Finally, the Bright Journey is a network. Threads that intertwine, connections that are made, inspirations that contaminate to create a unique and inclusive project. We said it all started with a group of ten women, but the number is set to grow. This network is ready to widen its meshes to support a universal message. Of commitment, of choices that make a difference, of respect for the environment, of virtuous practices that can change the world. 

All this is made possible thanks to a major partner in the project, the VDA Telkonet Group, a leading global hospitality company that develops and implements advanced solutions for integrated Room Management Systems (GRMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) for the global hospitality market. VDA-Telkonet is a creator of technology and innovation that aims to provide solutions through which high standards of energy saving can be achieved, thus contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of all customers. Hotels are thus becoming smarter and thus more sustainable. 

In 2023, the company reached a unique milestone in its sector: no fewer than one million hotel rooms of different categories installed VDA Telkonet systems, thanks to which the equivalent of an estimated 15 million trees were saved. 

So, the choice of accommodation for one’s holiday becomes a courageous, almost revolutionary gesture. A contribution that sends an important signal: we can (and must) make a difference. 

Happy Bright Journey to all! May it be a beautiful journey. And may it be bright… But without waste! 


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