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“What you have never seen, you find where you have never been.” 


Free-spirited and passionate in her multifacetedness: woman, mother, wife, traveler, professional, entrepreneur. I was born in Belluno where I lived until I was 24 years old. Today I live in Treviso with my family, but I always have my (light) suitcase, ready to go because my ‘dimension’ is traveling. Mountains have always been ‘my view from the window’ and still represent my heart landscape. 

My profession

I have been involved in Human Resources for 20 years now. I have worked in multinational companies in different sectors and today, as a consultant, I manage corporate turnaround and change management projects creating strategies that put people and their development at the center. Since 2020 I have been working alongside the CEO of VDA Telkonet dealing with projects that can enhance Human Resources and support the organization in creating a sustainable people culture. I am an ICF certified coach, PCC level. I also work on communication and promotion projects for the world of tourism and hospitality combining my professional skills with those cultivated as a content creator thanks to my blog. 

What I share in my travels

My blog, active since 2015, was born as Viaggidiritorno and changed shape in 2021 to become, a container able to bring together my different identities and my two souls as coach and travel blogger. I especially love on-the-road itineraries in nature with a focus on unique hotels and accommodations that I select with great care. I try to convey my idea of travel as a metaphor for life that can change our perspective and open new horizons. 

What kind of traveler I am

I would call myself a slow globetrotter. I have traveled the world, but I don’t like to count the number of countries visited. I am a lover of on-the-road, mountains, and nature. Travel for me is where I can really be myself where I connect with the world on a true and deep level. 

What aspects of sustainability do I look for in the hotels I stay in?

Sustainable architecture and attention to the local area and the host community (with the associated social investment) are the two aspects that strike my attention in the research phase. When I talk to the property owners and the people who work there, I can perceive whether sustainability is a key value or is just ‘green washing’. The must-haves that are now unavoidable that I would like to take for granted (and they are not yet) are: reducing plastic and waste, short supply chain or km 0 food, and technological room management systems that allow for lower consumption. 

What I look for in my Bright Journey

Beauty and awareness, unique stories of people and places, emotions and freedom, connections and new perspectives, answers to the whys. Facilities and accommodations that can give me unique experiences aligned with my feelings and values. 

travel wish

  • Groenlandia
  • Patagonia
  • Canada + Alaska

Ciò che non hai mai visto lo trovi dove non sei mai stato