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bright journey cristina


An enthusiastic and idealistic traveler with a passion for languages. I am originally from a small town in the province of Monza but have called New York home since 2007. Every attempt I have made to leave the Big Apple has proved futile. This is my place in the world, the city where I feel I belong to, at least for now. 

My professional

After 15 years as Marketing Director, I took a sabbatical in 2022. In January 2023 I opened my own Marketing Atelier, where I create tailor-made marketing and communication programs in the hospitality industry. 

What I share in my travels

Cartolina da Cristina started as, the first blog by Italians for Italians about NY, opened in 2008. Today Cartolina da Cristina is a project with a mission to turn more tourists into conscious travelers. I strongly believe that this change is possible thanks to a more conscious and careful way of traveling in every aspect, from connecting with local people, to the choice of accommodation passing through the things to see and to put on your plate. My service of creating customized itineraries, I Sartoriali, is aimed at just that: helping those who want to see New York, the United States and Britain in a more mindful way. 

What kind of traveler I am

Slow-moving. I would a thousand times rather stop for two hours at a local market or café in a residential area than go to see the “main attractions”. I am a “little-but-good” traveler who seeks local connection. Of a destination I want to explore the culture, understand its history and idioms. And, if the language allows me, I try to read up on local newspapers to get a better idea of the country’s reality, both the positive and negative aspects. I am not afraid to have a disenchanted look at the destination I am about to visit; what matters most to me is the sociological component of a trip.

What sustainability aspects do I look for in the hotels I stay?

Food is my weakness, so I pay attention to catering that is sustainable and circular economy. Secondly, I look for any hotel that is waste-conscious. For example, I detest facilities that make poor use of air conditioning, keeping it high even in temperatures that don’t require it.

What I look for in my Bright Journey?

Connection with cultures and languages other than my own.

travel wish

  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • Iceland