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bright journey silvia


Curious, stubborn, gifted with a great photographic memory. I make the values of honesty and sincerity my own. I am a person who can be trusted. Raised in small town in Brianza, an area little known to many people north of Milan, I live between Monza and Lecco but wish I had a Canadian passport, a country that I now feel is like a second home. 

My profession

I work in a communication agency in Milan as an Art Director. I like being creative because it means being able to always have a curious look at the world and what is happening around us. In 2016, I launched my travel blog, which, within a short time, led me to explore the lands of North America and become increasingly knowledgeable about Canada. I have thus become a point of reference for both institutional and commercial realities related to the Land of the Maple Leaf, and I have carried out special projects specifically to promote the destination in Italy. This knowledge has recently led me to become involved in travel design, making my expertise available to both tour operators and individual travelers to create tailor-made itineraries. 

What I share in my travels

I love to get in touch with the culture of the area I visit starting with food and local producers. I am always looking for beautiful places to sleep not necessarily luxury, but rather special places where “luxury” is living that experience, sometimes unusual hotels that themselves become a destinationMy travels have a distinctly North American focus so much so that I am considered (but do not consider myself) an expert on Canada. My goal is to learn more and more about this land by exploring even its most remote places. When I am not overseas, I tell “neighborhood stories” or rather km 0 stories such as Brianza, Milan but also Europe. 

What kind of traveler I am

Organized. I always have a super precise map of every destination I visit; I love on the road with some detours sometimes crazy enough to border on the impossible just to sleep in unusual or beautiful accommodations. I consider myself adventurous, but not too adventurous. I love discovering new things and places but also returning to the places of my heart with the intention of bringing home indelible memories. 

What aspects of sustainability do I look for in the hotels I stay in?

I expect facilities to show and apply more attention to their being as sustainable as possible in every way. 

What I look for in my Bright Journey

To explore places of beauty, to breathe, to taste and to take home lasting memories. 

travel wish

  • Manitoba | Canada
  • Alaska
  • Australia