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bright journey noemi


I like to call myself a silent traveller. My roots are planted in Tuscany, but the petals of my flowers belong to the world. 

My profession

I am a Travel Designer and Travel Content Creator; I organize tailor-made trips in collaboration with local agencies and contacts around the world. And constantly feeding my project is my great passion for travelling.

What I share in my travels

I travel the world so that my adventures can inspire people, but above all because I deeply believe that touching the destinations I propose is a huge added value and the best way to dispense useful advice to my travelling clients.

What kind of traveler I am

Travelling for me has become a wonderful and untouchable necessity. Everything I do in my life, every choice I make, every step I take now has a single purpose: to take me somewhere else, anywhere in the world. 

What I look for in my Bright Journey?

Respect. For the people and the culture of each country I go to. And, finally, respect for the travellers who put their trust in me. I always try to listen to their dreams and do what I can to make them come true.

travel wish

  • Rwanda
  • Senegal
  • Colombia