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Gypsy soul, curious, loyal and lover of beauty in all its forms. I chase sunsets, always ready to be surprised by the beauty to come. I was born in Puglia, where the sea, olive groves, trulli and whitewashed villages come together and create magic, but I have always lived in Milan. And I feel at home in the awakenings that smell of nature, the slow barefoot pace, the sun that warms the skin, the salty air, and the blue sea. 

My profession

Luxury Travel Curator. I create aesthetically unique itineraries for curious families who love beauty, itinerant travel, boutique hotels, and little-traveled destinations. Through customized consultations, I research and promote sustainable hotels for responsible tourism. 

What I share in my travels

I want to show how it is possible to travel to faraway destinations or to little-traveled destinations even with two small children. What is needed is simply a good dose of organization and adaptation. I also try to share how important it is to travel responsibly, caring for others and our planet. I like to suggest environmentally conscious hotels as well as less traveled destinations. 

What kind of traveler I am

Adventurous, lover of on-the-road and backpacking trips. Never lazy, respectful always. Always looking for a thread of spirituality or reconnection with nature. 

What aspects of sustainability do I look for in the hotels I stay in?

Respect for the wonderful planet that hosts us. Obviously very few facilities are 100% sustainable, but what drives my choice of accommodations is the commitment and care the hotel invests in the environmental cause. 

What I look for in my Bright Journey

I love being surprised, I yearn for a greater connection with nature, and I try as much as possible to do good having the knowledge that, with my passage, I am not destroying anything. On the contrary, I help as soon as I can. 

travel wish

  • India
  • Guatemala
  • Kauai