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Tireless traveler, incurable dreamer, and passionate readerI come from a small town in the province of Milan, world-famous for giving its name to the color Magenta, but from which I have always wanted to get away. Traveling for me means learning, getting out of the comfort zone and seeing reality with different eyes. In short, I could say that I feel at home-away from home. 

My profession

I am a travel agent and organizer, a job I love because it allows me to help people realize their dreams.

What I share in my travels

It all stems from my passion for travel, with a particular fondness for northern Europe. For the past year I have started organizing trips for small groups of women, and this project is getting me excited. Giving us women moments to ourselves, when we are always used to putting the needs of others first, is a truly rewarding experience. 

What kind of traveler I am

Curious. I travel to get to know myself better, to learn about new cultures, to expand and open my mind. Then again, “Traveling, along with reading and listening is always the shortest and most useful way to get to oneself.” 

What sustainability aspects do I look for in the hotels I stay?

Conscious use of water, choosing sustainable toiletries (non-disposable), technology (cooling and heating rooms). 

What I look for in my Bright Journey?

I would like to have unique experiences and find corners of beauty around the world. 

travel wish

  • New Zealand
  • Patagonia
  • Svalbard