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“The meaning of a journey is not in its destination, but in what is gathered with each step taken to experience it.”

bright journey benedetta


I like to call myself an “enthusiast for life.” I am from Padua, but I have felt at home in a variety of places around the world.

My profession

I am a Social Media Specialist & Content Creator. In addition to this, in my life I am dedicated to guiding people on their paths of inner growth. In fact, I am training to become a life coach with the goal of helping others live with authenticity, awareness, and self-love.

What I share in my travels

What I love to share about a trip is in what ways it allows me to discover myself more deeply and learn from the diversity of the world. I love discovering cultures other than my own and going beyond the perspectives I already know.

What kind of traveler I am

I am a slow, quiet, but organized and careful traveler. I place a huge value on being aware of where I am, who has been to that place before me, and how I can leave it for those who come after. I live each journey not only outwardly but, reflexively, inwardly as well.

What aspects of sustainability do I look for in the hotels I stay in?

I look for closeness to local culture, the promotion of the area, unexplored spaces, authenticity, and places where I can feel at home. My goal, however, is to encounter the unusual.

What I look for in my Bright Journey

I love to be surprised, I yearn for a greater connection with nature, and I try as much as possible to do good having the knowledge that, with my passage, I do not destroy anything. On the contrary, I help as soon as I can.

travel wish

  • India
  • Perù
  • California