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“Writing is my personal journey, life is my destination.”


“Never give up” has always been my motto, passionate about life and human experiences, I have never stopped. I am originally from Caserta and graduated in Literature from the Oriental University of Naples, establishing an indelible relationship with this city that is still part of me and gives me a different point of view of the world.

Writing is a fundamental component in my life, I could consider it a bit like my personal journey. I love writing about experiences and people.

My profession

I have been working in communication for 15 years and since 2019 I have been Communication Manager of the VDA Telkonet Group. I have always approached my work with great passion and commitment. I spend myself and dedicate myself totally to what I do, never sparing myself or backing down when faced with new challenges.

What traveling means to me

Traveling to me means living many different lives. I enjoy imagining who I would have been, what I would have become by being born and living in a different place. Traveling for me also has a much broader meaning. I don’t always need to take a plane, sometimes I just need to talk to people or read a book to live many lives. Other times, however, I feel the need to look at the horizon and talk to the sea to find my place and my everything.

What kind of traveler I am

In my travels I love to immerse myself in experiences, talk to locals and experience the destination as a local. I love discovering places through the smells, sounds and culture of the place. I am a silent observer of my surroundings and treasure the beauty my eyes encounter. I memorize colors, smells and emotions that remain part of me and enrich me with new life.

What aspects of sustainability do I look for in the hotels I stay in?

I expect there to be respect for local communities, inclusiveness, and attention to waste.

travel wish

  • Palestine
  • Japan
  • Senegal

Ciò che non hai mai visto lo trovi dove non sei mai stato