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bright journey augusta


Reflective, sunny, and positive. To internet users, I am Chloe. I come from the small Piedmontese town of Biella, but since 2021 I have been a digital nomad based in Fuerteventura. I feel at home in every place and at every moment when I am in perfect balance with myself and the landscape around me. 

My profession

I have been a web developer and IT consultant for international and government organiaations for over ten years. 

What I share in my travels

PUREJOY is a travel, lifestyle website born in 2013 through which I step out of “my life” and into that of the world. I created a space for curious travellers, lovers of unusual places and special accommodations that go beyond the classic tourist guides.

What kind of traveler I am

I am an interested traveller, respectful and open-minded towards new cultures of the world.

What sustainability aspects do I look for in the hotels I stay?

I pay a lot of attention to the context and respect the area in various aspects. I look for care and consistency in the structure between what it promotes and the actions it takes. 

What I look for in my Bright Journey?

In my Bright Journey I look for the possibility to always ask myself new questions and to address the world with sensitivity. 

travel wish

  • Palm Springs
  • South Korea
  • Guatemala