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“Sustainable sea-view hideaway 

Where it is located

The Adler Spa Resort in Sicily is located in the picturesque province of Agrigento, immersed in the splendid Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, a protected oasis managed by the WWF that covers a vast area of 762 hectares along a coastline of almost 7 km. Here, wild nature blends with the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, providing unspoilt beaches, white limestone rocks and rolling hills tinged with bright green and the vibrant colours of the Sicilian spring.

Nearby, the famous Scala dei Turchi and a coastline evoking Nordic landscapes, with its cliffs recalling the coasts of Portugal, Brittany and sometimes even Ireland. The crystal-clear sea, symbol of the Mediterranean, offers perfect scenery all year round, while spectacular sunrises and sunsets paint the sky in shades of pink and orange, providing unforgettable moments for visitors.
This still little-known part of Sicily promises an authentic and fascinating travel experience, made even more special by Agrigento’s recent proclamation as the Italian Capital of Culture 2025. With its incredible tranquillity and breathtaking views, the Adler Resort perfectly embodies the ‘Hideaway’ concept, offering guests an escape from reality in an authentic Mediterranean paradise.

Design and mood

The Adler Spa Resort embodies a design that reflects the principles of eco-sustainability, a core value of its philosophy. With a deep respect for nature and a conscious use of resources, the hotel’s architecture is based on indigenous natural materials, such as natural raw earth, rock and volcanic tuff from Mount Etna, as well as glass and cedar wood, with its delicate sandy-grey colour smoothed by the waves of the sea.

Every space in the hotel is designed to harmonise perfectly with the surrounding landscape, offering guests an experience of total immersion in nature. The simple and essential Nordic design recalls the style of the Adler Lodges, with their diffuse architecture. The buildings, arranged on one and two storeys along the hillside sloping down towards the sea, house restaurants, swimming pools and spas, linked by paths winding through the lush Mediterranean maquis. In this way, the Adler Hotel creates an environment that welcomes guests with an embrace of nature, harmoniously blending comfort and sustainability.

Room style

The rooms offer ample space and breathtaking views of the sea. All rooms are of the same type, Junior Suites, with the exception of family rooms that include two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each room is equipped with SMART TV with Chromecast, functional GRMS systems and automatic temperature control, ensuring a comfortable environment. Walls clad in natural raw earth help regulate humidity and create a balanced climate.

Each room is equipped with a coffee machine, while the minibar, available at an extra charge, offers a selection of drinks and snacks. A bottle of water is offered as a courtesy each time the room is cleaned.

To complete the experience, each room has an outdoor relaxation area, such as a patio with a sofa, table and chairs, offering a private space to enjoy the sea view.

The common areas

The Hotel Adler Spa Resort Sicilia is known for its elegance and respect for the environment, offering a combination of luxury and sustainability surrounded by Sicilian nature. The hotel’s common areas are designed to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for its guests. The resort’s lobby welcomes guests with a warm and refined atmosphere, characterised by elegant furnishings and natural materials. The large space is flooded with natural light thanks to the large windows that offer a breath-taking view of the surrounding landscape. The hotel’s lounges are perfect for relaxing and socialising. Furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs, they offer an intimate and sophisticated ambience. The resort bar serves a wide selection of cocktails, wines and other drinks, often prepared with high-quality local ingredients.

The Adler Spa Resort Sicilia has restaurants that offer unique culinary experiences. Menus are inspired by Sicilian and Mediterranean traditions, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The dining areas are elegant and cosy, with terraces that allow guests to dine al fresco while enjoying the mild climate and panoramic views.

The resort’s spa is a true sanctuary of peace and relaxation. It offers a wide range of wellness treatments, including spa therapies, massages and sensual pathways. The wellness area includes saunas, steam baths and heated pools, all designed to promote relaxation and physical recovery.

The resort has several swimming pools, some with sea views. The outdoor areas are surrounded by greenery, with manicured gardens and spaces ideal for sunbathing or walking. There are also areas dedicated to yoga and meditation, for those who want a total wellness experience.

The Adler offers a range of indoor and outdoor recreational activities. These include guided hikes, food and wine tours, and water sports. Guests can also participate in Sicilian cooking classes or local wine tastings.


The Adler Resort Sicilia offers a wide range of high quality services to meet the needs and desires of all guests. Catering is a highlight, with a farm-to-table philosophy that brings authentic local flavours to the table, using local ingredients from organic orchards and gardens within the resort. Breakfast is a riot of sweet and savoury delights, with a wide choice of options even for those with food intolerances.

Lunch is served in the Osteria, with an amazing view of the sea and a buffet including daily specials and pizza always available. Sunset aperitifs on the panoramic terraces are an experience not to be missed, while dinner offers a rich buffet and the option of ordering à la carte dishes, with a Sicilian themed dinner once a week.

The staff at the Adler Resort is remarkable for its professionalism and dedication to the well-being of guests, guaranteeing a flawless experience in every area, from the reception to the restaurant, from the pools to the spa. The spa offers treatments using natural local active ingredients, such as citrus fruits and herbs, to regenerate body and mind. Saunas and pools in the surrounding natural park complete the wellness experience.

The hotel’s privileged location, only 300 metres from the coast, allows guests to enjoy the wild beach or the pools within the lush park. The weekly programme offers a wide range of fitness, cultural and wellness activities, while free e-bike rental and organised transfers to and from the airport make your stay even more convenient and enjoyable.

Technology experience

The Hotel Adler Spa Resort Sicilia uses advanced technology to offer a stay of luxury, comfort and sustainability. The rooms are equipped with intelligent automation systems to control lighting, air conditioning and curtains. The resort adopts solutions to improve energy efficiency, such as intelligent energy management, LED lighting and motion sensors. The spa is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for wellness treatments, while the entire complex offers high-speed Wi-Fi and smart TVs. Security is ensured by advanced surveillance systems and electronic keys. In addition, the resort uses solar panels and water recycling systems to reduce environmental impact. Mobile applications enhance the guest experience and promote sustainability by reducing the use of paper materials.


The Adler Resort Sicilia stands out as an eco-friendly hideaway not only for its wonderful sea view, but also for its concrete commitment to environmental sustainability. At a time when greenwashing is rife, the Adler is committed to transparently and authentically communicating its commitment to the environment.

The main pillars of sustainability at the Adler include:

Attention to architecture and alternative renewable energy sources: the hotel is committed to an architectural design that respects its surroundings, as well as using renewable energy sources to reduce its environmental impact.

Respect for the environment: the Adler promotes the use of sustainable means of transport such as electric cars and bikes, and takes measures to reduce the use of plastic and waste of resources.

0 km food: the Adler’s farm-to-table approach is based on using local and organic ingredients, reducing the environmental impact of transport and promoting the local economy.

People and local connection: the hotel is committed to involving the local community and enhancing the area’s resources, creating a meaningful connection between guests and their surroundings.

Green Points


Sustainable Building


Carbon Footprint Compensation


Waste Sorting


Use of Local Products


Renewable Energy Sources

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